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Why Sirius-Dent?

International standards of treatment

We kept all the best that was in the «old school». At the same time, Sirius-Dent constantly keeps abreast of new trends that appear in the dental world. Moreover, only those new technologies that have been tested and confirmed by us are included in the practice by our doctors. This is what helps us to cope with tasks of any level of complexity.

Fair cost of treatment

In addition to striving to get the highest possible result of treatment, we try to minimize any negative emotions associated with it. Honesty is the foundation of our relationship with patients. We inform about the diagnosis, protocol and cost before the start of treatment. No manipulations for the sake of manipulations, the treatment is based on evidence-based medicine. And the cost is justified and scrupulously calculated.

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Advanced clinic equipment

We pay special attention to technical equipment, which allows us to perform even complex maxillofacial operations. From instrument sterilization to surgical interventions, we use state-of-the-art expert-class equipment at every stage, which guarantees our patients complete safety and high efficiency of treatment.

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Safe anesthesia

Thanks to a team of experienced highly qualified anesthesiologists (the team also includes a pediatric anesthesiologist), modern technical equipment of the clinic and the use of certified drugs for anesthesia, our patients can be sure of the comfort and safety of any dental procedure.

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We are constantly in touch.

The doctor will always find time to further explain the incomprehensible. We do not leave patients alone with the problem. We are responsible from the first visit to the clinic until the end of the rehabilitation period. Be sure to call back and ask about the state of health. Our patients know they can rely on us.

Digital Dentistry

A reasonable combination of digital dentistry with the usual analog gives the best result in dental treatment. All the undoubted advantages of digital dentistry are at your service – high quality of treatment, reduction of treatment time, maximum comfort for the patient, predictability of treatment, pleasant cost.

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Carefully plan treatment

In our clinic, everything starts with a thorough history taking. Then, traditionally, much attention is paid to diagnostics. We approach each problem comprehensively – evaluating not only the complaint with which the patient applied. And only after a thorough examination, we appoint, coordinate and begin the treatment process.

Multidisciplinary approach

Thanks to the coordinated work of professionals of various specializations, Sirius-Dent provides not only the most popular therapeutic and surgical services, but also those that can only be obtained from us. Our team includes an ENT surgeon, a traumatologist, a neuropathologist, a plastic surgeon and other related specialists who are involved in the complex treatment of patients.

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