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Review about Center of Dental Implantation from 13.07.2023

Twenty-three years ago, at the dental institute, I had a healthy tooth pulled out instead of a diseased one – well, they got it wrong, it happens with doctors.

As they say, it’s good that it wasn’t a leg..)

After that, they also pulled out a diseased tooth, and it turned out that the 23-year-old girl had to cut two more healthy teeth, in addition to the ones removed, in order to install a crown. Implants then cost about the same price as “sell your kidneys and your neighbor’s”, so I didn’t consider it)

This is how my rather complicated relationship with dentistry began. The crown was made for me for a year, and then it was installed for another year, and while it was being installed and adjusted for me… the crown periodically fell out of my mouth, as they say in the most awkward situations – sometimes at celebrations, then on business trips)

Well, it is clear that I hated dentists as a class)

14 years ago, at another appointment already in another dentistry, I felt sick from anesthesia. After that, the relationship completely deteriorated.

But 25 years later, it turned out that the same first story led me to a situation where I have no periosteum at all, there is nowhere to implant it, and there is also filling material left in the maxillary sinuses)

I was offered to take a bone from the thigh, walk with a prosthetic jaw for 1.5 years, while it will take root and so on.

Crutches and Korega cream loomed somewhere on the horizon.

And here I was introduced to Denis Valkevich

He looked at me with a smile. Put aside tantrums, we will not cut anything from the hip. This is the last century in dentistry. It will not be necessary to walk without teeth for 1.5 years, and we also have intensive care, so if anything, we will save you).

“It’s him” and “how long I’ve been waiting for you” flashed through my head. 4 years ago, I solved a problem that could not be solved for 20 years – I had a sinus lift, osteoinduction and implantation. And she began to smile again and give interviews without pleading “don’t shoot me from that side”)).

But in the second month of the war, I learned that the same situation happened to me from the other side of the jaw.

Well, not now. What are the operations during the war? I’ll wait.. )

Six months later, it became clear that it was impossible to wait.

Signed up for surgery. She canceled the first one because they went to Donbas. Well, of course – such a good reason)

A week ago, she made an appointment again – because it was no longer possible to endure the pain. During this week, what did I not invent so as not to go)

The day before the operation, when they were again planning a trip to the Donetsk region (well, that’s how it happened)) I already called the clinic shouting “we’re canceling everything! work is more important! guys need it! The boys are waiting for me”

At 8:30 in the morning, I still went to the operating room!

Three hours later, I wrote comments on Facebook, which the employees happily deleted (because it was some kind of addicting set of sentences), after 4 hours we were already buying Mavics online.

Thank you Sirius Dent to all the surgeons, anesthesiologists and the wonderful girls who perform the assessment.

Because all of them, in addition to doing the impossible and solving the surgical problems of “the most difficult patient in town”, every month take one or two of our little wards under their wing and solve various difficult dental problems of these little ones for free.

Thank you.

Kateryna Nozhevnykova 11 months ago Оценка:

Department: Center of Dental Implantation

Doctor: Valkevich Denis

Head of the clinic, maxillofacial surgeon, orthopedic dentist, the implant surgeon

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