We are always ready to help patients with acute toothache and maxillofacial injuries.
We have been working since 2004 and over the years have effectively provided assistance to thousands of patients, and have achieved success in all areas of modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.
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Urgent (emergency) dental care
- Help with acute toothache
- Help with fractures and maxillofacial problems
- Restoration of a broken or knocked-out tooth
- Urgent removal of wisdom teeth
General and restorative dentistry
Using the most modern materials and advanced technologies, our doctors carry out:
- Diagnostic consultations
- professional hygiene
- Treatment of caries and root canals
- strengthening (strengthening) of teeth before prosthetics
- Art restoration of truly decayed teeth
Pediatric dentistry
Our clinic has adopted a systematic approach to treating children. The child undergoes complete sanitation of the oral cavity. The child and his parents are taught proper hygiene with subsequent monitoring. Regularly scheduled examinations can reduce the risk of caries or treat it in the early stages, without waiting for complications, as well as minimize the risk of malocclusion. We treat children from a very young age, from the moment of teething. And thanks to the use of pediatric sedative anesthesia, we can treat children in the most serious condition, as well as children with special needs.

Sedation dentistry
Over the past years, we often use in our practice such a kind of anesthesia as sedation or controlled drug sleep. This is a condition in which one the patient (adult or child) sleeps during treatment. Thus, the stress factor is eliminated and it becomes possible to effectively treat patients with phobias, increased emetic reflex, etc.
Surgical dentistry
We carry out the whole range of surgical interventions in the oral cavity. An experienced surgeon with many years of experience in the surgical treatment of diseases
periodontics, a staging of dental implants of various systems, tooth-preserving operations, skilled extraction of wisdom teeth, etc.
Maxillofacial surgery
A highly qualified staff of our clinic are held surgical operations for various pathologies of the maxillofacial region and neck:
- Surgical treatment of fractures of the jaws and bones of the facial skull
- Injuries to the soft tissues of the face and neck
- Surgical treatment of inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region
- Elimination of the consequences of earlier injuries (plastic surgery)
- Treatment of tumors in the maxillofacial region, both benign and malignant
Orthopedic dentistry (prosthetics)
We always use an individual approach and the most advanced prosthetics technologies:
CAD, CAM, non-metal ceramics, cermets of leading world manufacturers allow you to take into account the individual characteristics of each patient and meet the requirements of the most demanding esthetes. When prosthetics on implants, our clinic uses a unique abutment made of polyether ketone (PEEC), manufactured using technology purchased from the German company Bredent. This abutment has several advantages over abutments made of titanium or zirconium oxide, which significantly improves the quality of prosthetics.
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Meet the our doctors
Multi-specialty practices like ours are the proper environment for patients to receive coordinated, skillful treatment.
Dr. Valkevich Denis
Head of the clinic, maxillofacial surgeon, orthopedic dentist, the implant surgeon
Dr. Gorova Olena
Pediatric dentist and therapist of general & restorative dentistry
Dr. Marchuk Ekaterina
Dr. Lashyna Katerina
Dental therapist
Dr. Danilov Sergey
Dr. Tsalko Viacheslav
Dr. Maksimenko Alexander
Dr. Novak Andrey
Dr. Belyakov Nikolay
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What Our Patients Are Saying
The clinic is top-notch. The doctors are attentive and do nothing superfluous. I've been treating my teeth in this clinic since 2006 ... If you want to receive a high-quality treatment, high-quality consultation, and a beautiful smile, all this will be given to you by Sirius Dent.
Vlad Apollo
Great dentistry. I like her very much. We go with the whole family. I can say that a great price and the highest quality !!!! I recommend to all ;)
Alexey Ilchenko
Frendly and professional staff.
Chona Jimenez
Professional specialists and responsible staff. High-quality service, proven over the years. world-class dentistry, without bright signs at affordable prices.
Exe Cuter
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at Odessa
Rozkydailivs`ka St. 69/71
Our office phone number: + 38 (066) 125-86-31
E-mail: sirius.dent.dental.clinic@gmail.com

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